Advertising on Zee Business

Zee Business provides a range of advertising options for advertisers. Advertisers can select between a variety of media formats and sizes. In addition, they can also choose between various advertising rates and time bands. Advertising rates are directly proportional to reach. For more information, visit Zee Business’ advertising page.

Advertising on Zee Business

Advertising on Zee Business is a great way to reach your target audience in a cost-effective way. It allows you to target a specific time band and is very popular with premium users. In addition, it’s one of the most watched television channels in the country, making it a great option for advertisers.

This Hindi channel broadcasts daily news and analysis on the entire business industry. Its audience consists of working professionals and affluent businessmen. You can book an ad spot on Zee Business in minutes, and you can target a wide demographic by showcasing your company’s services and products during commercial breaks.

Advertising on Zee Business can be done through an ad agency or on the Zee TV channel. However, you must make sure to know how much to spend before placing your advertisement. Listed below are the rates for advertising on Zee Business in India.

Advertising rates

When looking for advertising space on Zee Business, you’ll want to make sure you have a clear idea of how much Zee business advertising will cost you. In general, you’ll be looking at rates that vary by the amount of airtime you plan to buy. These rates are calculated per second of airtime or reach. During prime time, you’ll pay a higher rate than during off-peak hours.

Zee Business advertising rates are some of the best in the country, and they are updated on a weekly basis. You can find out more by visiting the Media Option and Pricing tab. The network is known for its highly-rated programs and shows, and its high viewer engagement makes it a great place to advertise.


Zee Business has given Euro RSCG the creative mandate for its advertising campaign. The account is worth Rs eight to ten crore and the agency’s Gurgaon office will take care of the business. DraftFCB Ulka was the incumbent agency for Zee Business and Euro RSCG was chosen for the account’s design.

The channel has a decent share across timebands, including morning and afternoon. The channel’s morning show is able to attract viewers during this time. Similarly, Zee Telugu is able to capture a sizable share in the morning time band with its devotional content. This has helped the channel earn a decent rating and a loyal audience in the AP market.

In addition to this, the channel’s flagship show UPUK has an audience of 15 million per month. This has helped Zee UPUK establish itself as a leader in the urban and rural market strata. Moreover, Zee’s flagship shows like UP Maange Uttar, Khabar Garda Hai, and 4 Ki Chausar are gaining millions of viewers across the country.

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