How to Create a Google My Business Profile

Google My Business is an online business directory. Once you’ve registered, you can customize your profile. You can select a primary category and add a cover photo. You can also verify your business ownership through Google. You can find more tips on how to make your business appear on Google’s search engine. You can learn how to create a Google My Business account by reading this guide.

Verify your business’s ownership with Google

Using the Verify your business’s ownership with Google process can make a big difference in your online presence. Once your business has verified itself, Google can help increase your visibility in search results, boost your brand reputation, and attract more customers. To verify your business, you simply need to provide your business name, address, and contact information to Google.

Google will mail you a postcard with a verification code. The code is unique to your business and is only valid for 30 days. Once you’ve received your verification letter, you must enter it into the platform. You can also add other administrators to your business’s account.

Add a photo to your profile

Your profile picture is an important part of your Google My Business profile. It will appear whenever people search for your business on Google Maps. This picture should represent your business’s personality. You can also add additional photos of your team, facilities, and products. The images in your profile should be of high quality so that they will appear clearly and accurately.

You can upload several photos to your Google My Business profile. Ideally, you should upload a high-resolution photo of your business. This image should be around 10KB to 5MB and have a resolution of 720 x 480. Alternatively, you can upload a video to your profile.

Select a primary category

Selecting a primary category for Google My Business is a great way to make your listing more visible to local searchers. This will allow you to optimize for specific keywords and attract more customers. However, there are some categories that are not available to every business. In these cases, a workaround can be applied.

A primary category for Google My Business carries more weight in the local algorithm, which means that it is more likely to show up when local searches are performed. Ideally, you should choose a category that accurately describes the nature of your business. However, many businesses simply tick off the categories that are applicable to their website.

Add a cover photo

There are several ways to add a cover photo to Google My Business. If you don’t already have one, you can do so by selecting the “Photos” link in the navigation bar. In addition, you can update an existing cover photo by selecting the “edit” button.

A high-quality photo should be used for the cover. It should be between 480 and 270 pixels in size. A 16:9 aspect ratio works best in Google Maps, but it will have to be cropped into a square for thumbnails. Also, 1024 x 576 pixels is a good resolution for a cover photo. It should also be small enough to load quickly.

Request a quote

The Request a quote feature in Google My Business lets users message businesses for a quote. The feature is currently limited to a few types of businesses, but it has the potential to increase a business’s lead generation and sales. The feature is linked to messaging in Google My Business, so users can respond to messages through the messaging feature. It also allows users to view previous messages and edit their responses.

In addition to a Google My Business listing, you can also enable a Request a quote button on your app and website. Using the app, you can reply to messages in real-time. It also gives you a central location for all communication.

Respond to negative reviews

When responding to a negative review on Google My Business, it’s important to focus on the customer’s experience rather than your business information. Focus on the customer’s opinion of your company and make your reply as helpful and as personal as possible. Make sure to thank the customer for taking the time to leave a review.

Responding to a review can help Google understand your business better. It shows that you have read the review and are responsive to your customers. Providing helpful information such as your business’ full name is also helpful. Having new content on your Google My Business profile on a regular basis will improve your page’s presence on Google.

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