What is the SQM Club?

The SQM (Student Quality Management) Club is an organization that provides students with tools and resources to help them become successful in their academic endeavors. The club was founded by a group of college professors who wanted to provide students with access to quality management principles, techniques, and strategies. Through this club, members can learn how to apply these skills to improve their grades and overall performance as well as develop leadership qualities.  

Benefits of Joining the SQM Club:  

Access To Resources: Members will have access to various resources such as books, articles, videos, webinars and more, which are all designed to help them understand quality management concepts better. This includes topics like process improvement methods, risk analysis techniques, project planning strategies etc.   

Networking Opportunities: By joining the SQM Club you will be able connect with other members from around the world who share similar interests or goals when it comes to improving their education experience through quality management practices. You may even find mentors or job opportunities through networking within this community!  

Leadership Development: As part of being a member of this club you also get access to exclusive workshops where you can hone your leadership skills so that you can take on bigger roles at school or work later on down the line. These workshops cover topics such as communication styles for different situations, team building exercises, decision making processes etc.  


Joining the Student Quality Management (SQM) Club offers many benefits for those looking for ways to enhance their educational experiences while developing important professional skills along the way. With its comprehensive range of resources, networking opportunities, and leadership development programs – becoming a member allows individuals to gain valuable insights into what it takes to succeed academically while preparing themselves for future success! 

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