Building Lego Big Ben: A Step-by-Step Guide

Lego Big Ben is a popular set amongst both adults and children. It’s an iconic landmark that can be recreated in miniature form with the help of Legos! In this article, we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to build your own Lego Big Ben.

Tools Needed for Building Lego Big Ben:

– Legos (in various colors)
– Glue or tape (optional)
– Scissors (for cutting pieces if needed)
– Ruler/measuring tool (to ensure accuracy when building)

Instructions for Building Lego Big Ben:

1. Gather all the necessary materials listed above. Begin by sorting out the different colored Lego pieces into separate piles so it’s easier to find what you need as you go along.

2. Start constructing the base of your model using larger bricks and plates from your pile of Legos. Make sure each piece fits snugly together before moving onto the next one; use glue or tape if needed to secure them firmly in place once they are connected correctly.

3. Once you have built up enough height, start adding details such as windows and doors using smaller bricks and other accessories like flags or banners etc., depending on what type of design you want to create for your model tower structure .

4. Continue layering more brickwork until it reaches its desired size – make sure everything is even throughout so there aren’t any gaps between sections where light may shine through later on when finished!

5 . Finally, add some finishing touches such as painting over certain areas with acrylic paint or adding decorative elements like flowers around the bottom edge of your creation – whatever looks best according to personal preference should do just fine here too!

6 . Let dry completely before displaying proudly in any room at home – enjoy admiring this amazing replica masterpiece every day thereafter!


With these easy steps, anyone can learn how to construct their very own LEGO version of London’s famous clock tower known affectionately as “Big Ben” ! Not only does this project offer hours upon hours worth of entertainment but also provides an opportunity for creative expression while learning about history at the same time– making it perfect activity suitable for all ages alike

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