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The White House Black Market is an upscale retail concept specializing in women’s apparel. The brand was born out of the merger of two small neighborhood boutiques in Baltimore, Maryland. The White House and Black Market were owned and operated by women who envisioned creating an exceptional personal style destination for women. Since combining its collections in 1997, the company has remained dedicated to offering unique and individual collections with high-quality craftsmanship.

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Shopping online at White House Black Market is easy and convenient. The store will email or call you to let you know when your order is ready to pick up in their store. You can also sign up for Afterpay while you’re in the store. Afterpay is a budget-friendly payment option that lets you pay in easy, biweekly installments.

From its carefully curated collections to its expert craftsmanship, White House Black Market offers a wide variety of affordable women’s apparel and accessories. The brand’s clothing is perfect for the active woman, and its affordable prices will appeal to any budget.


Founded in Fort Myers, Florida, the White House Black Market is an American women’s clothing retailer. It is a multichannel brand that sells upscale clothing. It also offers a workwear collection, WorkKit. The company opened its first Canadian store in Toronto on October 24, 2014. This was the first major push of the company’s international expansion. The brand operated five stores in Canada. However, the company’s Canadian affiliate filed for bankruptcy, and it is currently withdrawing from the Canadian market.

Today, the White House Black Market operates over 140 stores nationwide. To find a store in your area, search their website or browse their locations map. The locations are listed by state and can be found by phone number or GPS coordinates. You can also browse reviews and find the best store near you.


Fit for the White House Black Market is an upscale women’s clothing store based in Fort Myers, Florida. Its brand image is defined by elevated style, superior quality, and a perfect fit at a great price. The brand crafts pieces with the same care and attention to detail as world-renowned design houses. Moreover, each piece is made of the highest quality fabrics.

When The White House first opened in Baltimore, Maryland in 1985, it sold only white clothes and accessories. Later, it opened a sister store in Baltimore, Maryland called the Black Market, which merchandised only black clothing. The two stores merged in 1997. Today, the company sells everything from apparel to accessories to jewelry.


White House Black Market is a premium fashion retailer that redefines luxury. The brand’s collections offer unparalleled quality, exceptional style, and the perfect fit – all at a great price. Here are a few of its key products. Here’s a look at the quality of each. You can buy from the store online or at their physical locations.

The brand started as two small neighborhood boutiques in Baltimore, Maryland, in the 1980s. They were run by women and shared the same vision: to create a destination for women who wanted a truly unique personal style. In 1997, the two stores merged to form White House Black Market, but they kept the focus on offering unique, individual collections and providing exceptional style and quality.

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White House Black Market is a women’s clothing retailer based in Fort Myers, Florida. It’s a multichannel brand that specializes in upscale clothing. It also offers a line of workwear, called WorkKit. In October 2014, the company opened a store in Toronto. This marked the company’s first international expansion and first store in Canada. However, the brand’s presence in Canada has been short-lived. In September 2020, the company will officially leave the Canadian market.

The brand specializes in offering like-new items for up to 90% off. Their collections are carefully curated to ensure fit and quality. Whether you want a simple t-shirt or a luxuriously detailed coat, you can find the perfect item at an incredible price.

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