OCBC Business Banking

There are several reasons to choose OCBC for business banking. The company has a comprehensive set of products and services to meet the needs of small businesses. These include 24/7 mobile access, QR payments, Multi-currency accounts, and Online money management. Whether you want to increase your business or just manage cash flow, OCBC is the right choice.

Online money management

Online money management is crucial to your business, and OCBC business banking offers a range of services to help you manage it. From 24/7 mobile access to complex control structures, you can manage your business finances from any place. And if you have an international business, you can use OCBC business banking to connect with other businesses in different countries, manage foreign currency risks, and more.

One of the services that OCBC business banking offers is an international money transfer facility, called GIRO. This service offers fast and cost-effective international payments. Through OCBC, you can transfer money from one country to another in two to three business days.

24/7 mobile access to your accounts

OCBC business banking offers 24/7 mobile access to your accounts. With the Velocity app, you can monitor your accounts from anywhere in the world. You can also generate reports and manage cash transactions. In addition, the app enables you to connect internationally and manage foreign currency risks.

OCBC business banking is designed to give entrepreneurs a lot of benefits. It features online banking, which allows you to keep track of your accounts from anywhere and do transactions on the fly. Moreover, you can transfer money with ease, monitor your spending, and review your account history at any time. Another important feature of business bank accounts is the security of the funds. High-quality banks use sophisticated security measures to protect your funds. You can also get copies of your banking statements and account history online.

Business banking accounts are the most convenient way to manage your company’s finances. They help you streamline your payments and processes, which improves your efficiency. The OCBC Business Growth Account includes free Business Financial Management features, which help you chart cash inflow and outflow.

Multi-currency accounts

If you need to transact in multiple currencies, OCBC business banking offers foreign-currency accounts in various currencies. These accounts are useful when you need to receive and pay foreign currency from customers. You can use them to save on exchange rate markups. You can open multiple foreign-currency accounts to have a more flexible account.

Having a multi-currency account is useful for international and domestic payments. It also gives you the option to have a virtual or physical credit card in different currencies. It also helps you eliminate network and conversion fees. For more information on multi-currency accounts, visit OCBC business banking.

If you want to expand your business abroad, you may consider using a multi-currency account at OCBC business banking. These accounts allow you to transact in up to 13 foreign currencies, including the US Dollar, the Euro, the Australian Dollar, Hong Kong Dollar, and the Chinese Yen. They also offer unlimited GIRO and FAST transactions.

QR payment options

OCBC business banking customers now have more options to make online payments. For example, OCBC Pay Anyone is now available. This app lets you pay instantly by scanning a QR code. The app also offers fingerprint authentication, so you can pay without sharing your NRIC or mobile number. This is particularly useful for peer-to-peer e-commerce transactions where buyers and sellers may not want to exchange their personal information. Instead, they can meet up and pay for their items with a QR code.

OCBC Pay Anyone also lets customers send money by scanning a QR code. This means that you do not need to share your mobile number or NRIC with your business partners. The transfer will be made directly from your account to the payees. Some mobile wallets require you to take additional steps to top up the wallet or transfer money.


OCBC offers a range of different service packages for businesses. For example, you can choose from Business Internet Banking or the Premium Service Package. With either, you will receive one free token upon account opening. The cash alert service, however, has a monthly charge of S$25. However, this fee is waived for the first three months.

Other accounts that are available to businesses include the Business Growth Account and the Business Entrepreneur Account. These accounts are available online and can be opened instantly. To open one of these, simply log in with your personal banking details or SingPass. Other types of business accounts require more paperwork and a branch visit. If you need to visit a branch to open an account, OCBC recommends calling ahead to ensure you have all the necessary documents and signatures on hand.

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